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Tata is enjoying good sales momentum in their home ground so much that the brand has started challenging Hyundai for the number two spot on the top-selling manufacturer’s list. Most of their products are either outperforming or matching their competition. The Altroz is one product that is going strong against its competition. As a product, the premium hatchback is a great overall package, but it still lacks some things that if added, will make it even better. In today’s article, we will talk about five things the Tata Altroz still needs in 2022.


Tata Altroz 2022

Sunroof has become an important feature amongst buyers these days. Almost all new cars are coming with a sunroof to attract buyers. In this segment, the Hyundai i20 comes with a sunroof. So, if Tata gives the Altroz a sunroof, it could definitely be a plus point for buyers who straightaway reject cars due to the lack of sunroof.

Diesel Automatic

Tata Altroz 2022

Tata missed the trick by not launching an automatic option on the Altroz when it first launched in the country. It rectified the mistake to some extent by bringing a DCA gearbox for the naturally-aspirated petrol engine of the Altroz. But what about the diesel engine? The Altroz comes with a 1.5-litre diesel engine like the Nexon. So, Tata can give it an AMT gearbox option which will help attract more buyers to Altroz. 

Tata Altroz 2022 – More Airbags

Tata Altroz 2022

The Altroz is already one of the safest hatchbacks in India. It comes with a 5-star crash test rating from GNCAP. Currently, the Altroz comes with dual airbags as standard on all variants. Tata can take its safety factor one step ahead by adding six airbags. Both the new Baleno and i20 come with six airbags in their higher variants. Also, the government is soon set to make six airbags mandatory on all cars, so we can expect the Altroz to get 6 airbags in the coming time.

Wireless charging & wireless connectivity

Tata Altroz 2022

Wireless technology is improving at a rapid pace. More & more phones are coming with wireless charging technology. To make a car’s cabin more in-sync with modern buyers, car manufacturers have started providing wireless charging pads in their newer cars. Both Baleno and i20 come with wireless charging, so we expect Tata to offer this feature in the Altroz in the coming updates as well. It would really sweeten the deal if Tata manages to bundle wireless phone connectivity in the package itself. However, chances for it are slim at the moment, and is only expected to happen when Tata decides to offer a new infotainment system with a new UI, which can seamlessly integrate such tasks with ease.

Tata Altroz 2022 – Bigger infotainment

Tata Altroz 2022

Continuing the discussion from the previous point, touchscreen infotainment has become an important selling point in the market. Newer cars are coming with 10/12-inch infotainment systems. MG is taking it one step further and is set to bring a whooping 14-inch infotainment system on the new Hector. Coming back to the Altroz, it comes with a modest 7.0-inch infotainment system, but as mentioned above, Tata should give it a bigger infotainment to satisfy modern needs of modern car buyers who want multiple things from their car. Tata should also update the UI to offer a better experience. 

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